365 Day Creative Challenge // Day 28 // Japanese Stab Binding Chevron

February 16th, 2014

Japanese Stab Binding // Chevron Stitch

Newest Japanese Stab Binding Project. I love the paper I used on this one, it’s black with gold and silver paint patterns and together with the golden yellow thread it looks just amazing. I managed to damage the cover slightly though, probably while pressing the book down too hard while pulling the thread through, which ended up chafing the paper. You can see it in the bottom right corner of the top image. Still super pleased with the final result though!

And because I just can’t resist showing off several of my book-babies in one go:

Japanese Stab Binding // Different Bindings

Tutorial: http://beccamakingfaces.com/2011/06/13/japanese-stab-binding-tutorial-chevrons/

You should totally go check out Becca’s site, she has so many beautiful Stab Binding patterns on her site, most of which I think she’s developed herself. Totally wicked stuff and also some super fun typography stuff as well as hoards of bookbinding tutorials.

On my 25th birthday I received the “A Daily Creativity Journal” by Noah Scalin. I decided to try my hand at a 365 creative challenge, losely based on the book. I will be using the prompts in the book, but in the spirit of fun experimentation and creativity, I’m taking the liberty of switching prompts around, altering them, or dropping them for my own ideas etc. If I find it impossible to complete the project within 365 Days I may extend it to a longer time-frame, but I still want to complete all 365 projects if I can :)

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