365 Questions // Q & A a Day // Week 1

June 7th, 2013

Q & A // 5 Year Journal

June 1st // Saturday // On a scale from 1 – 10, how healthy are you?
Hm… maybe 8? Haven’t been ill properly for a while. Minor trouble with allergies. Wish I had a bit more energy.

June 2nd // Sunday // Should you trust your instincts?
Yes. YES. Although often I’m not sure what the hell they actually want.

June 3rd // Monday // Who do you miss most right now?
My host family in Japan. Old friends.

June 4th // Tuesday // Today you wore __________.
Jeggins. Billabong long black hooded jumper. Black T-shirt with red star on it. Black trainers.

June 5th // Wednesday // What was the last fruit you ate?
Grapes. I love grapes.Other fruit I regularly eat in muesli: Apples & Bananas. At the moment I also eat pears quite a lot.

June 6th // Thursday// Which family member are you closest to?
My mum and dad.

June 7th // Friday // What do you feel grateful for today?
Freelance life. New business contacts. Sunshine. My fantastic boyfriend. Health.

Recap of last week

A vast improvement over the last one. Caught up on the 52 Lists project. Had a good blogging week. I’ve been doing some client work and have a few potential new customers. The new PC is up and running and my broken laptop has been fixed and returned. Still needs to be set up though.
Yesterday I went to a self-employed meet-up and it was great fun. It’s always interesting to meet people on a same but very different path and to see they have the same challenges and fears to face as oneself. This week I also took out my first round of advertising.
The weather is gorgeous here, although south Germany is drowning in floods. You wouldn’t think it from the sunshine we’re currently getting.
Planning stuff for my boyfriend’s birthday tomorrow, thinking about blog-content, planning client projects.
Good week.

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