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May 31st, 2013

Q & A // 5 Year JournalRecently I bought the Q & A Five Year Journal. It’s a lovely little thing, possible the most beautifully designed book I’ve ever owned. There’s a question for every day of the year, and there’s 5 slots to fill in the question per page, so you can work on it for 5 years and watch how your answers change. There’s not much space to write, so the answers are pretty short, but I find it’s a fun and easy way to document snapshots from my current life. To help me stick to this I thought I’d recap each week here on this blog. I may not share every answer if it’s too personal to me, but I’ll share as much as I can.

May 25th // Saturday // If you could travel anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?
Somewhere far away with my boyfriend. India. To see my host family in Japan. Or Tuscanny. The last holiday there was great. I miss it in this wet weather.

May 26th // Sunday // List the things that nagged you today.
Bummed out about my new PC not working. Breakdown. Spending the day trying to get the PC to cooperate.

May 27th // Monday // What gives you comfort right now?
My boyfriend. Money coming in, no matter how little. Others, who’ve made it before me. The support of my parents.

May, 28th // Tuesday // East Coast or West Coast? In between.
Germany. We don’t do East/West seperation anymore. It didn’t go down well.

May, 29th // Wednesday // If you didn’t have any responsibilities for the day, what would you do?
Drink Tea. Read Fiction. Draw. Do Nothing. Make Stuff. Practice Calligraphy. Journal.
(I hate this question, which means it’s probably extremely important I get it figured out. I am obessively active, but not sure it’s always what I really want to be doing.)

May, 30th // Thursday // What’s the best thing you read today?
The number on the till, telling me I’d just spent 40 € less than I’d expected to.

May, 31st // Friday // How much cash do you have in your wallet? In your bank account?
1) About 5 € 2) Not enough to feel safe.

Recap of the last week
Workwise, this was a shit week. My laptop died and has been sent in for repair. I’ve bought a new PC, so in future I’ll always have two computers in case one kills itself. However, most of the week was spent wrangling with the new PC to cooperate, trying to get the internet working and feeling alternatingly very very angry and despairing. I think nothing in the world pisses me off as much as a PC that won’t do what I want it to. Sucks that I need it for basically all my work. However, I think it’s good this happened right at the start of freelancing and in a reasonably quiet time after most jobs had just wrapped up, so I’ll be prepared in case it happens again. Lesson learned.

Yeah. I really could have done without this week. The weather was rubbish, which resulted in me being constantly tired. That + busted PC = not good.

Although karate training, Calligraphy class and dancing with my boyfriend was good fun :) So there were some good points to all the mess.

The PC now seems to be up and running and today I got loads of stuff done. I’m hoping this bodes well for the coming week.

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