52 Lists Calligraphy // Week 3

June 6th, 2013

52 Lists // Week 3 // Calligraphy

Another catchup on Moorea Seal’s 52 Lists. Only two left to go and then I’m up to date! Then I’ll  only be spamming you with these lists once a week ;) I love doing these, they’re really helping my work on my calligraphy in a fun and inspiring way.

I’ve recently installed the editorial calendar plugin for wordpress and suddenly I’m posting almost every day as I have a much better overview of what I want to write about. Best decision I’ve made for this blog so far. I don’t know if I can keep up this posting rhythm, but I would like to try and blog daily from Monday to Fridays (weekends off ;) ) as much as I can. We’ll  see if that works out…

52 Lists // Week 3 // Calligraphy // Closeup

Alternately used purple Ecoline ink and cheapo watercolours for the yellow, decorated the header and footer with  random bubbles. I went back to using the uncial script for this one, I’ve grown very fond of the carolingian minuscule and was worried I’d start forgetting this one :) But it seems to have worked pretty well.

Week 3 // List the things you should be proud of

my art // my creativity // my strength // my boyfriend // my family // courage // a-levels (the German equivalent) // college degree // doing the things I love // my karate career (black belt, several competitions) // web design skills // driver’s licence // my friends // not giving up // thinking for myself // learning to read and write // and cycle // and walk for that matter (it’s harder than we make it look) // learning new stuff // pushing my comfort zone // love // my fitness // my body // attention to detail (when it doesn’t grow into crippling perfectionism that is) // achieving my goals, bit by bit // teaching myself to draw, code, juggle, play guiter // learning to dance, cook, bake, bind books // slowly shaping my dream life // making progress // donating blood // taking care of myself better // learning self kindness (after several years of self-abuse) // writing letters (real ones)

52 Lists // Week 3 // Calligraphy // Header

52 Lists is a project by Moorea Seal. I have been using it since the beginning to practice my calligraphy skills. Here you can find all the lists I’ve done so far. If you’re interested in calligraphy inspiration, visit my Pinterest Calligraphy board.

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  • Mercedes

    How fun! I just found you via the Silly Grrls post/comment (weird and possibly stalker ish? Maybe but I love meeting new blight friends!)

    About two years ago I took several calligraphy courses and really fell in love with it! But since having my babies it’s not been very feasible. My hobbies now need to be pick up and go and I find the process of setting up, warming up, cleaning up too time consuming when I’ve got little ones!

    Nice work though!

    • ffion

      Not weird at all, I find a lot of people through the comments on other people’s sites :) (Although who knows, maybe I’m weird too ;) )

      Yes! Calligraphy is so much fun :) I’m curious, which scripts did you learn? I really enjoyed the course I had to take at college and recently started taking adult evening classes to get back into it. I’ve just finished my first semester and will soon be signing up for the next one :) I think it’s a really fun hobby. I love writing letters, so I’m planning on embellishing the next ones I send with my calligraphy :) I’m also hoping to one day be able to add it to my repertoire as a graphics designer for logos and such.
      Pity you don’t have so much time anymore, but maybe you’ll manage to get into it again some time? I wish you good luck with getting your hobbies back on track :) I’m sure the little ones are well worth letting them drag ;)

      I actually don’t find calligraphy terribly time-consuming, I keep most of my stuff out on my desk and then give the pens a quick rinse and dry when finished. Obviously the calligraphy itself takes quite a bit of time though. And loose ink bottles around little ones might not be the best of ideas :)

      You don’t have a blog yourself, do you? Let me know if you ever decide to post your calligraphy online ;) I love seeing other people’s stuff.

      Thank you very much for your lovely comment!