52 Lists Calligraphy // Week 6

June 5th, 2013

52 Lists // Week 6 // Calligraphy

Second catch-up post on Moorea Seal’s 52 Lists. Only three to go, then I’ll have completed all the lists so far.

I used some beautiful bordeaux ink my Dad bought me as a gift on our summer holiday last year in Tuscanny. It didn’t seem to get on with the thin printer paper though and seems to have bled in quite a few places.

52 Lists // Week 6 // Calligraphy Ink

I was kind of tired when I did this one, and it shows. Still, embracing imperfection ;) Decided to finish it up despite the fact that I totally skewed the last words in the lines of the last quarter of the page and made the header decoration way too big. Used little golden flower-like shapes as seperators. Odd white space on the right side was balanced with little swirls, that seemed to work quite well. Script is carolingian minuscule, still not brave enough to try the humanistic cursive just yet ;)

Week 6 // List the ways in which you can love others

surprise someone // handmade gifts // thank you notes // love letters // honest compliments // cook for someone // massage // handwritten letters // listening // spend time together // hugs // kisses // being there when needed // giving second chances // stand up for someone // treat someone // give comfort // make them laugh // buy flowers // donate blood // hold doors open // hold hands // show respect // be encouraging // support their dreams // say it // respect their wishes // trust them // give them a reason to smile // believe in them // be trustworthy // be kind // withhold judgement // honour commitments // be open

52 Lists // Week 6 // Calligraphy Detail

52 Lists is a project by Moorea Seal. I have been using it since the beginning to practice my calligraphy skills. Here you can find all the lists I’ve done so far. If you’re interested in calligraphy inspiration, visit my Pinterest Calligraphy board.

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