52 Lists – Week One – Calligraphy

March 6th, 2013

List the words that touch your soul.

Found this challenge over at Moorea Seal a while ago and thought it’d be a really fun way to practice my calligraphy.
I had calligraphy class during my graphics design studies and really enjoyed it, but somehow didn’t stay motivated to carry on.

Recently, there’s been a local course so I signed up and now have a weekly class :) I’d love to be able to integrate calligraphy into my graphics design at some stage. But at the moment I’m just practicing.

I’ve loved lists since I was quite young, at school when I was bored during lessons I’d craft long elaborate lists about all sorts of things, especially favourite songs and bands. Still love lists, so I thought this’d be fun to try out. The challenge has been going on for quite a few weeks already, so I’m just jumping in with week one. I might not even do one every week or I might do several :) I’ll see how it goes.

If anyone is interested, this is the “uncial” script.

Anyone else interested in calligraphy?

52 Lists is a project by Moorea Seal. I have been using it since the beginning to practice my calligraphy skills. Here you can find all the lists I’ve done so far. If you’re interested in calligraphy inspiration, visit my Pinterest Calligraphy board.

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