52 Lists // Week 16 // Calligraphy

April 24th, 2013

52 Listst // Week 16 // Calligraphy

Week 16 // List your favourite Books

chrestomanci chronicles // the haunting of alaizabel cray // harry potter // stravaganza // the creative license // refuse to choose // cherubs // the war of art // the kin // the lost years of merlin // sabriel, lirael, abhorsen // lord of the rings // chronicles of narnia // varjak paw // wind singer // the bartimaeus trilogy // artemis fowl // spiegelzeit // waking dragons // the spook’s apprentice // his dark materials

The list could go on. I devour books like my life depends on it. I’ve severely restricted my book purchasing this year in order to save money and also focus on other important stuff. At the rate I buy books I have plenty of unread ones lying around anyway, so I’ll be turning to those and re-reading old favourites :)

52 Listst // Week 16 // Calligraphy // DetailI feel like I botched the design on this one, but I learnt a lot from it. Next time I’d use black ink to paint the squares instead of crayon, and I’d probly use white gouache with a pen to draw the decorations. Apart from that, this time I used a new script I’ve been practicing – the carolingian minuscule, and I’m  reasonably pleased with how it turned out :)

52 Listst // Week 16 // Calligraphy52 Lists is a project by Moorea Seal. I have been using it since the beginning to practice my calligraphy skills. Here you can find all the lists I’ve done so far. If you’re interested in calligraphy inspiration, visit my Pinterest Calligraphy board.

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