52 Lists // Week 17 // Calligraphy

May 2nd, 2013

52 Lists // Calligraphy // Week 17Had some fun with my new gold calligraphy ink this time :) I seperated the words with little black boxes and then filled them with little gold hearts. Script this time is again the carolingian minuscule. (Although one letter from the uncial sneaked in when I wasn’t paying attention.)

52 Lists // Calligraphy // Week 17I also decorated the header with a bit of gold.

52 Lists // Calligraphy // Week 17 // Carolingian MinusculeWeek 17 // List the people you admire

Mum & Dad // For being awesome and encouraging parents and overall fantastic people
My boyfriend // For being the best person in the world, for loving me the way I am and for having one of the most beautiful attitudes towards life I know
Elise // For having a beautiful writing voice, and a wonderfully inspiring blog.
Leonardo da Vinci // Because he’s Leonardo da Vinci. Who was awesome at just about everything.
Frau Lugin // My old ballett teacher, for teaching me how to use my body properly
My siblings // For being funny and incredibly musically talented
Charlie Bowater // For being a fantastic artist
Kailey Lang // Another of my favourite artists. Check out her tumblr for more great art.
Petra Koch // My Feldenkrais trainer who started her education as a Feldenkrais practitioner around the same time as I did and is a great inspiration to me…
Marek // My sister’s flute teacher. He gets on fantastic with almost everyone, is an incredibly talented musician and always full of funny stories.
Neil Gaiman // For one of the best talks ever. Some of the best advice I’ve ever heard.
Celestine Chua //For being an impressive business woman and for living consistently in alignment with her dreams.
Felix Scheinberger // For creating two of my favourite books about sketchbooks EVER.
Brené Brown // For helping me let go of shame and realising it’s a bad thing.
Chris Guillebeau // For challenging the status quo, living his dreams and inspiring others to do the same
Beatrix Potter // For listening to her heart and continuing to create art and some of the cutest children’s stories ever
Diana Wynne Jones // One of my favourite authors ever. Check out the Chrestomanci series or Howl’s moving castle and the follow-up books Castle in the sky and House of many ways.
J. K. Rowling // For writing more of my favourite books. For going basically from rags to riches by doing what she loved.
Danny Gregory // From turning tragedy into art. For turning everyday into art. For giving everyone the permission to be an artist with his fantastic book “The creative license”
Sarah // One of my greatest freelance inspirations
Frank // My first and best karate trainer. For making the most out of me and inspiring me to do my best and defeat myself over and over again.
Nadine & Frauke // For being two of the most authentic and interesting people I know
Naomi Chen // Another one of my favourite artists. I’ve been drooling over this girl’s art for so long and feel like bursting into tears everytime I’m reminded of how old she is…
Elmira // One of my best friends who always overachieves but sadly fails to see it.
Leo Babauta // For his wisdom.
Mozart // Genius. And busted his ass off creating some of the most gorgeous music in the world. Talk about dedication.
Moshé Feldenkrais & F. M. Alexander // For their fantastic work in the field of bodywork and somatics. For encouraging human potential
My friends // Each of which has some admirable qualities. Thank you for being fun and interesting people and letting me share your lives.
Barbara Cher // For some of the best self-help books ever. For helping people live their dreams
My teachers // (Not necessarily ones from school. Too many of those sucked. Kudos to all who didn’t.) Anyone who taught me anything worth knowing, ever, or taught by example.
James Gurney // For being a kick-ass realism artist. And painting dinosaurs :D
Steve Jobs // I’m not a big fan of apple, but I admire this guy so much for challenging the status quo with his work and doing what he loved.
Everyone who is in touch with who they are and what they love // Seriously. I admire everyone who is living their dream and being true to who they are. It’s what I want so much and each and every one of these people inspires me to keep going.

52 Lists // Calligraphy // Week 17 // Detail52 Lists is a project by Moorea Seal. I have been using it since the beginning to practice my calligraphy skills. Here you can find all the lists I’ve done so far. If you’re interested in calligraphy inspiration, visit my Pinterest Calligraphy board.

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