Aesop’s Fables // The Hen and the Cat

November 18th, 2013

Aesop's Fables // The Hen and the Cat

Hearing that a hen was laid up sick in her nest, a cat paid a visit out of sympathy. After creeping up to her, he said, “How are you, my dear friend? What can I do for you ? Do you need anything? Just tell me, and I’ll bring you anything in the world you want. Just keep up your spirits, and don’t be alarmed.” “Thank you,” said the hen. “Just be good enough to leave me, and I’m sure that I’ll soon get well again.”

Uninvited guests are often most welcome when they leave.

Most recent fable illustration. I’m trying to honour the creative part of my November Authentic challenge by getting some personal work done, despite having a lot of work lying around. (Also see “self-kindness” – Give myself a break now and then. I suck at that. A lot.)

I tried to experiment a bit with some more spiral elements in this image, probably no-one will ever notice except me, but I tried to make parts of the image line up even if they weren’t directly connected. (For example, the lines of both the cat’s paw and the hen’s wing.) I love figuring out little details like that for this series. It’s really evolved over time.

Do you have any favourite fables?

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