April Authentic Challenge

April 1st, 2014

April Authentic Challenge

Bringing back the Authentic Challenges because I’ve missed them :) Life has been beautifully busy and messy the last three months and a lot of stuff has been going on. I’m now half-way through my Feldenkrais Training course, have been busy working on client projects, several of which are now in the process of wrapping up, my 365 Day Creative Challenge has been going strong, although my blog life has stagnated, I’ve drawn tons of monsters for my Draw A Monster Fiverr Gig, sold quite a few themes, enrolled for Next Level shit with Rebecca Tracey to move my business forward, and have seriously started examining my relationship with money.

I’m excited to move forward, so here are my plans for April.

APRIL // Authentic // Shop Revamp

I’m planning to completely revamp my Etsy Shop. I will be re-working all my themes to make them more stable and compatible and will be adding a bunch of new features. I’m also planning to completely remove myself from the sales process (hello passive income). Currently when someone buys, I create the headers for them before packing up the theme and sending it off. I want to make it easy for clients to add their own header and thus create less work for myself. All themes should then be available for instant download so you can also get started right away when you purchase. I’m hoping to get this out of my system in April so I can start creating new themes to add to the shop in May. The shop has been a great source of extra income and I’m planning to take it way more seriously this year as I think it has loads more potential.

APRIL // Creative // 365 Day Creative Challenge

The goal here is just to stick it through, no matter what. So far I’ve missed exactly ONE day out of 72 and I couldn’t be happier. I’m also hoping to start creating some new fully finished images this month instead of just sketches. I’ll be continuing to post my results on the blog to keep me accountable.

APRIL // Free // Money Love

I’ve spent a large part of March examining my relationship with money. There’s been a shit-ton of subconscious rubbish to sift through and I’m pretty amazed at what’s been coming to the surface. So far I’ve mainly been working through “Money – A Love Story” by Kate Northrup and “Overcoming Underearning” by Barbara Stanny. Both have been a huge help with working through some dirty mindsets around money which are keeping me stuck, the second one even more than the first, although both are great and I’m hoping to make more progress on this in April and get my finances under control. I’ve been pretty clueless about what my money’s been doing the past few years and that seriously needs fixing.

So that’s it for the coming month! Wish me luck!

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