October Authentic Challenge // Wrap-up

October 31st, 2013

October Authentic Challenge// Creative, Authentic, Free

Feeling very out of sorts today. Which is dumb, as this month has been one of my better ones recently. I’m going to put it down to just “being one of those days” and severe lack of exercise and hope that tomorrow will be better.

A lot of stuff happened in October. I’m not sure where exactly things are going, but it’s been an exciting month. My Etsy Store has had its best month since its opening and I recently joined Fiverr and have had an insane spree of drawing monsters for 5$ apiece. I’ve unexpectedly earned over 200$ this month by drawing monsters and am hoping to raise my prices when Fiverr lets me level up ;) I’ve also had some interesting freelance offers, hope they turn into something!

Here’s a recap of this month’s Authentic Challenge

OCTOBER // Authentic // Keep a gratitude journal

This part went a lot better than expected, after I decided to treat this as a creative project and make a mini-book for it, inspired by my first mini-book project for 30 Days of Lists. I haven’t quite finished it yet, I still need to print some photos and put the whole thing together, but so far I’m really pleased how this project is coming together and I’ll hopefully be sharing the finished product here on the blog soon.

OCTOBER // Creative // Draw every Day

This was… interesting. I completely fell off the bandwagon for this one for the first half of the month, as I was in a two week training every day and couldn’t find the time to draw (excuses, excuses). Then Fiverr happened. I joined Fiverr more for a laugh than that I thought I could actually make money on it, and decided to offer monster drawings for 5$ apiece as a laugh. The whole thing took off way better than expected and I drew a grand total of 57 monsters over the last two weeks of October. So I kinda tricked myself into drawing daily (often more than an hour) and even got payed for it :)

OCTOBER // Free // Clean Diet

This one was very mixed. At the moment I’m not really doing very well on it, and there was a lot more chocolate cake involved than I’m proud to admit. My nose has been way clearer though after fasting, and I’m a bit more aware of how certain foods affect my mood, productivity and overall health. So it’s sort of a success, but lots of room for improvement. Need to rethink on this one and seriously get my priorities straight.

All in all, this was a great month for me, and I’m hoping November will bring some more exciting developements. I’m currently working on a new wordpress blog theme for my Etsy Store, so stay tuned :) And if you need someone to draw you a monster, you know where to find me :)

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Aesop’s Fable Illustration // The Dog and the Hare

October 2nd, 2013

Aesop's Fables - The Dog and the Hare

This picture was another of the results of my September Authentic Challenge – drawing for one hour daily. I hadn’t completed many finished pieces recently, so I’m so happy how much progress that challenge brought me! You can find more of my Aesop’s Fables here.

Here’s the fable:

The Dog and the Hare

After discovering a hare in some bushes, a dog pursued her for a long time, biting her with his teeth as if he would take her life and also licking her as if he were playing with another dog. Not knowing what to make of this, the hare stopped running an said, “I wish you’d show your true colours. If you’re a friend, why do you bite me so hard? If an enemy, why caress me?”

A dubious friend is worse than a true enemy.

Also fits this fable:

The Hare and the Hound

A hound scared a hare from a bush and chased him for some distance, but the hare was faster and got away. A goatherd, who happened to pass by at the time, mocked the hound for letting a scrawny hare outrun him.

“You forget,” replied the hound, “that it is one thing to run for your dinner and another to run for your life.”

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October Authentic Challenge // Authentic, Creative, Free

October 1st, 2013

October Authentic Challenge// Creative, Authentic, Free

Authentic Challenges are monthly challenges I’m setting myself in order to move myself forwards towards a life that feels more me. Some are big nuts to crack, others are just small “for fun” things, others are geared towards forming a positive habit in my life.

I’m planning some radical changes for October. I’ve suffered from allergies all my life and generally I feel my health is below average, despite the fact that I live a much more active lifestyle than most of my peers and already eat a pretty healthy diet. (No fair.) I’m currently on a 10 day fast, because my nose was so bogged up recently I could hardly even think anymore and I’m sick of it. 3 days into fasting my nose cleared up. I’ve recently come to suspect that I may have food allergies or intolerances, and the plan for October is to figure it out and do whatever I can to solve the issue.

OCTOBER // Authentic // Keep a gratitude journal

I had a really rough phase in my teens (don’t we all), where I hated my life and thought everyone hated me. Now I just hate my life. (Kidding – my life is pretty rad actually, but I’m far from satisfied.) At some stage I decided to choose happiness, so I kept a gratitude journal where I had to record at least 3 things every day that I was grateful for. And it really helped. My whole attitude to life changed, I gained new friends and confidence and I was happy for no other reason than that I was happy. So this month I want to bring back the gratitude journal. I’d love to fancy it up, but probably won’t have the time, so I’ll probably be keeping it simple, just notes in a notebook.

OCTOBER // Creative // Draw every Day

This worked pretty well for me last month in the sense that I drew a lot more than before that, but it’s still far from an ingrained habit, so for October Creative I’m sticking to the same challenge as last month, draw every day. I’m determined to get back into a serious drawing habit, and the only way to do that is to DO it.

OCTOBER // Free // Clean Diet

This is the real biggie this month, and it has priority over the other two. If I just manage this one, I’m better than good. I recently read the book “Clean Gut” by Alejandro Junger, and it all made a lot of sense. Junger doesn’t propagate one diet that is supposed to be healthy for everyone, but allows for the fact that every human is unique. He puts down a host of health-issues to a deficient digestive system and sets a 21 day program to remove all allergenic food and rebuild the gut flora, then makes you reintroduce foods one by one to uncover your toxic triggers.

I’m already currently putting my body through a pretty radical cleanse by fasting for 10 days, but this time, I want to be more careful about what I eat afterwards. I’m planning to stick as best as I can to Junger’s Clean Gut diet for the time after, then see if I can figure out if and what I’m allergic to. Social events, a training course I’m on and little time will make this challenge very difficult for me, but if I do fail, I’m planning to use this phase as a kind of practice run, where I can test recipes and meal plans to see what works and doesn’t work, and then I’ll attempt the same thing in the spring (after another fast).

That’s the plan for the coming month. Wish me luck and determination, I’m going to need it :)

Do you have any Authentic Challenges you’ll be setting for next month?

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