Modern Calligraphy Skillshare Course

September 11th, 2013

The Art of Modern Calligraphy

I’m a terrible learning junkie. I love learning new stuff, especially anything that lets me get my hands dirty slinging around ink, paint and writing materials.

I’ve joined a couple classes on Skillshare recently and have been quite impressed so far :) I love being able to learn at my own pace, and the video tutorials are really great for that. Now there’s a Modern Calligraphy class coming up, and as I’m currently looking for something to replace the 52 Lists project (which is on hold…) joining this class was a no-brainer for me!

The Art of Modern Calligraphy

I’ve had a few people commenting on my calligraphy stuff, so if you’re interested in doing some calligraphy yourself, with a bit of a modern touch, join me? If you enroll via this link you get a 10 $ discount off your first Skillshare class and I get a 10 $ credit to feed my learning addiction with :)

The class starts on September 25th. Looking forward to this!

The Art of Modern Calligraphy with Molly Jacques

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Blog hop: 30 Days of Lists journaling prompt & Studio Calico Giveaway

August 26th, 2013


I’m participating in this September’s 30 Days of Lists challenge, which will be starting on SUNDAY! Really looking forward to this :) I’m enrolled as a sponsor, so if you join you’ll be seeing a couple of goodies from me :)

Almost 600 people have already joined so far, and to celebrate, 30 Days of Lists is hosting a giveaway!! When we reach 600 registered Listers, participants will be able to win a $100 gift certificate to Studio Calico! One of those first 600 Listers will be selected at random and take home the goodies! All you have to do to be entered for the draw is register for September’s 30 Days of Lists.

Today I’m joining in the 30 Days of Lists Blog Hop, where some of us participants will be showing our favorite prompts from the March 2011 30Lists challenge. All of the prompts from that challenge are still available for free, so feel free to click over to see the whole List of Lists and get into the listing mood :)

If you still want more prompts, you can grab any one of the previous challenges as a self-paced download. Choose each set of lists one-at-a-time or get all 4 of them together. (That’s 120 Lists for you to get stuck into!)

30 Days of Lists // Calligraphy

For today’s list highlight, I chose:

Books I’d like to read this year

I love lists, and I love books. What a great way to combine the two :) I’m a book maniac, so here’s a rather small excerpt from my Amazon shopping cart. There are 55 items in my basket and 371 saved for later. It’s going to take me a while to get through those. If I started listing everything I want to read it’d be never-ending…

30 Days of Lists // Books I'd Like to Read this Year

I’ve created this list using calligraphy once again :) The 52 Lists project at Moorea Seal is sadly on hold indefinitely, so I needed a new outlet. It was nice to get back to practicing again. I probably won’t be using calligraphy during the challenge, as it is rather time-consuming… but we’ll see. I haven’t yet decided how I’m going to do it.

30 Days of Lists // Books I'd Like to Read this Year

My to-read list:

The Creative Habit // Art & Fear // Choose Yourself // Black Friday // Spook’s: Alice // The Art Spirit // Steal Like An Artist // Switch // Life is a Verb // A Whole New Mind // The Awe-Manac // Quiet // Calligraffiti // Spook’s: Slither’s Tale // Modern Mark Making // Hand-Lettering // A Kiss Before You Go // A Game of Thrones // Logo Design Love // Thinking With Type // Making Ideas Happen // Your Life as Art // Seelenbrecher // Turning Pro // Daring Greatly // Me Talk Pretty One Day // The Hero With A Thousand Faces // Made to Stick // Art as a Way of Life // Surface Treatment Workshop // Bird by Bird

Go check out the other Blog-hoppers and fellow listers:

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Kristin from My Life as a Teacup
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52 Lists // Week 22 // Calligraphy // Find Your Voice Week 3

July 10th, 2013

The List as Art // 52 Lists // Find Your Voice

Here’s week 22 of the 52 Lists challenge from Moorea Seal.

I had loads of fun with this once again. Back to using the carolingian minuscule because it’s my favourite and I felt its roundness suited the theme better than the other scripts I use. I’ve gotten a bit rusty with the break, but I’m still satisfied with the result.

Why I Love You // 52 Lists // Find Your Voice

The theme this week was one that’s pretty close to my heart, as I am very very very fond of the person I am with and hope this lasts forever. I was in a bad relationship before and now I’ve ended up with the most awesome person on earth, so writing this little love-letter-list was a fun challenge and a beautiful reminder of some of the things I cherish about him. (There’s lots more, but I won’t go on because it’ll make people jealous ;) )

Carolingian Minuscule // 52 Lists // Find Your Voice

Week 22 // List why you love someone special

You make me laugh // and smile // and cry with happiness // You make me feel so good // You’re a great listener // An even better talker // You say the loveliest things // Our conversations keep us up all night // Among other things // You’re beautiful, kind, generous, sexy and bloody funny // At least that’s what you think // You take care of me // You see the good in everything // You believe in me and support me // You are you and you let me be me // Being with you is being home // Plus you have the best feet ever

52 Lists // Week 22 // Calligraphy // Find Your Voice

Also, I’m going to consider this as one of my entries for the Find Your Voice Challenge this week. Check it out it’s awesome.

Prompt one was create something you love (which I did) and write 5 things about it that make you happy. Here goes:

1) Calligraphy. I’m currently in love with calligraphy and am always glad when I find the time to practice it.

2) Inspiration. I’d love to re-create this a little tidyer, and seperate from the 52 lists. And then give it to my boyfriend. Or maybe frame it for our bedroom or something.

3) I got to celebrate our love. My relationship is a huge and wonderful part of my life, and I love creating things to document how I feel about it and capture the memories.

4) Artstuff. I get to play with my favourite toys.

5) Sticking with the challenge. I often get offtracked when committing to long-term projects and I’m proud to say that I’m up to date and right on track with this one, and have managed to put my own creative twist on it with my calligraphy.

6) Plus I get to take photos and have a blogpost as a result. All around creative exercise.

How do these reasons compare with my creative goals?

I love creating stuff. I love writing. I love designing. I love playing with ink. I like making stuff. I love getting creative in the name of love. And all of those played a part in the creation of this piece. <3

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