August Creative // Find Your Voice

August 30th, 2013


This August I participated in Kristin’s great 8 Week summer workshop “Find Your Voice”. I didn’t get as far as I’d have liked with the challenge, but I definitely will be going back to the exercises over time as they’ve led to some interesting insights and visual experimentation. I’m more of a visual artist than a writer, so a big part of the challenge for me was getting in some visual experimentation, which I definitely did :) Here are my favourite pages from my project so far.


I particularly enjoyed experimenting with the Typography and some colors I don’t normally use that much.






I had a lot of fun participating in this challenge, even though I got pretty inactive towards the end due to other commitments.

At the beginning of the month I challenged myself to work on the Find Your Voice project as a creative outlet. I did less than I hoped, but I’m still very satisfied with the results so far.

Kristin did a fantastic job putting this workshop together and I think it’s amazing she did this whole thing for free! It’s a great course and I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to work on their story-telling voice.

Thank you Kristin!

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Find Your Voice // Week 3 // Prompt 3

July 11th, 2013

Artist at Work

Grab a favourite photo.

Come up with five reasons it makes you happy.

I don’t know if I can or even need to come up with five reasons why this picture makes me happy. But there is one huge reason it does, and to me, that’s all that matters. This is a photo my boyfriend took of me when I was pulling an all-dayer and all-nighter to finish a picture my sister had requested for her birthday at very short notice.

It makes me happy, because it shows me doing one of the things I absolutely love doing most. Drawing. Creating. Completely away in another world, another time. And happy. This picture just feels so ME, and I feel that about very few pictures. This picture shows me as I really am at heart. And that’s why it’s currently one of my favourite pictures.

How do the reasons compare with your creative goals?

This picture represents one of my greatest dreams and one I live out far too often. Read more about it in a previous entry for Find Your Voice.

I’m hoping to be the person in that picture way more often in future.

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52 Lists // Week 22 // Calligraphy // Find Your Voice Week 3

July 10th, 2013

The List as Art // 52 Lists // Find Your Voice

Here’s week 22 of the 52 Lists challenge from Moorea Seal.

I had loads of fun with this once again. Back to using the carolingian minuscule because it’s my favourite and I felt its roundness suited the theme better than the other scripts I use. I’ve gotten a bit rusty with the break, but I’m still satisfied with the result.

Why I Love You // 52 Lists // Find Your Voice

The theme this week was one that’s pretty close to my heart, as I am very very very fond of the person I am with and hope this lasts forever. I was in a bad relationship before and now I’ve ended up with the most awesome person on earth, so writing this little love-letter-list was a fun challenge and a beautiful reminder of some of the things I cherish about him. (There’s lots more, but I won’t go on because it’ll make people jealous ;) )

Carolingian Minuscule // 52 Lists // Find Your Voice

Week 22 // List why you love someone special

You make me laugh // and smile // and cry with happiness // You make me feel so good // You’re a great listener // An even better talker // You say the loveliest things // Our conversations keep us up all night // Among other things // You’re beautiful, kind, generous, sexy and bloody funny // At least that’s what you think // You take care of me // You see the good in everything // You believe in me and support me // You are you and you let me be me // Being with you is being home // Plus you have the best feet ever

52 Lists // Week 22 // Calligraphy // Find Your Voice

Also, I’m going to consider this as one of my entries for the Find Your Voice Challenge this week. Check it out it’s awesome.

Prompt one was create something you love (which I did) and write 5 things about it that make you happy. Here goes:

1) Calligraphy. I’m currently in love with calligraphy and am always glad when I find the time to practice it.

2) Inspiration. I’d love to re-create this a little tidyer, and seperate from the 52 lists. And then give it to my boyfriend. Or maybe frame it for our bedroom or something.

3) I got to celebrate our love. My relationship is a huge and wonderful part of my life, and I love creating things to document how I feel about it and capture the memories.

4) Artstuff. I get to play with my favourite toys.

5) Sticking with the challenge. I often get offtracked when committing to long-term projects and I’m proud to say that I’m up to date and right on track with this one, and have managed to put my own creative twist on it with my calligraphy.

6) Plus I get to take photos and have a blogpost as a result. All around creative exercise.

How do these reasons compare with my creative goals?

I love creating stuff. I love writing. I love designing. I love playing with ink. I like making stuff. I love getting creative in the name of love. And all of those played a part in the creation of this piece. <3

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