October Authentic // Gratitude Book

November 22nd, 2013

Gratitude Book Cover

Part of my October Authentic Challenge was to keep a gratitude journal. I’d originally planned to keep it super simple and just keep a notebook, but I’d just come out of September’s 30 days of lists and was inspired to keep doing some small daily crafting. So I decided to make another mini-book to keep my gratitude lists in for October.

Gratitude Book Pages // Photo

I did stick with simple though. I cut some thick patterned paper in different shades of yello into 10 x 10 cm squares. I cut paper into strips of 1 cm thickness and used those snippets to write down the things I was grateful for. On the opposite blank page I stuck a photo and spiced it up a little with some gorgeous new washi tape I found recently.

Gratitude Book Pages // Photo

Gratitude Book Pages

Every 5th page was lined, so I used those pages to go into a little more detail. After finishing up all the pages, I punched holes in them and bound the whole thing with two book rings.

Gratitude Book Pages // Thank You

I have a lot to be grateful for, even though I don’t always see it. This little book was a fun little reminder to keep track of all the little things that make life worth living. And I love how the final result turned out!

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Q & A a Day September // Week 16 – 17

October 5th, 2013

Q & A // 5 Year Journal

Week 16

September 14th // Saturday // Who can help you?
People who’ve done it before. Dad (programming).

September 15th // Sunday // Who are the most important people in your life?
My boyfriend. My family. My friends.

September 16th // Monday // What would you want to study at school?

September 17th // Tuesday // What’s your favourite snack food?
Sultanas. Nuts.

September 18th // Wednesday // A decision you made today.
Not to go to a meetup I was planning on.

September 19th // Thursday// What’s a new place you’ve recently been to?

September 20th // Friday // What’s your favourite television show?
Modern family.

Week 17

September 21st // Saturday // Where do you think your road is going?
No bloody clue. If I did I’d be running full pelt along it right now. Hopefully somewhere with less allergies – and less rain.

September 22nd // Sunday // What shocking news have you recently learned?
Hm…. none really.

September 23rd // Monday // Write down a quote for today.
Rolling around in the muck is not a good way to get clean. ~Aldous Huxley

September 24th // Tuesday // When was the last time you went dancing?
Saturday the 21st <3 (Dance evening.) I really want to start classes again.

September 25th // Wednesday // Do you plan, or are you flying by the seat of your pants?
Depends. Often I overplan. Othertimes I fly.

September 26th // Thursday// Today was amusing because ____________.
Can’t really think of anything. My fast is going well though and I feel happy.

September 27th // Friday // Do you handle rejection well?
Depends. Usually reasonably I think.

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30 Days of Lists // What worked for me

October 3rd, 2013

30 Days of Lists Mini-Book

Rounding up September’s 30 Days of Lists. I bound all my pages together with a bookring through one corner. I’m a little worried about the thinner papers though, so I think I may well add a second bookring to the bottom corner, so the pages aren’t carrying all their weight on one end.

This is the first time I’ve made this sort of mini-book, so there was a lot of new stuff for me to explore during this project. Here’s what worked for me during this project.

30 Days of Lists September Album

Preparing in Advance

I managed to stay pretty up to date with my lists, mainly by preparing additional pages and sometimes whole lists in advance when I had the time. For example I’m usually at my boyfriend’s house at the weekend, so I’d write out Saturday and Sunday’s lists in advance and maybe even prepare the basic page for Monday’s page. That made the whole project a lot more relaxed for me, and I think it was one of the main reasons I managed to follow all the way through with it.

30 Days of Lists 2013 // Rules to Break

Washi Tape & Thickers

I’ve never worked with washi tape or thickers before, so this was a fun first project. I chose two washi tapes that seemed to go well with the overall colour scheme and stuck to one type of thickers in silver and in different colours. I think limiting it to these helped keep the look of the book reasonably coherent and consistent.

30 Days of Lists 2013 // Bad Habits

White background to pull the pages together

I felt adding a white background to most of the pages pulled them together a lot better than trying to make them work without. There were some exceptions that I felt really worked without  a background though too.

30 Days of Lists 2013 // Today I Saw

Keeping it simple

Though I experimented with some new stuff and used a lot of fancy colours, all in all my process was very simple, so it didn’t really take long to put the pages together. This helped keep me motivated and relaxed about the whole process. I’d stick on the white background (with a few exceptions), added some tape, used the thickers and then wrote my lists. One thing I enjoyed was using the tape as a base to write on, that worked really well for me.

30 Days of Lists 2013 // Recent Dreams

All in all this was a super-fun challenge, a great way to take a snapshot of my current life and I’ll definitely consider going in for another round. :) I’m pleased with the little book of snapshot memories I’ve gained in this time and I’m happy about having exercised my creativity again.

This month, as part of my October Authentic Challenge I’ve started keeping a gratitude journal again. To beging with I hadn’t been planning to make anything fancy out of it, just keep it as notes in a notebook, but then handling my 30 Days of Lists book again and remembering some pretty paper I have lying around, I thought – why not? So that’s going to be turned into a simple little mini book too :) Quite different from this one, but I’m loving the process already.

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