Currently Grateful for

September 25th, 2013

Stinging Nettles

working on 30 Days of Lists

practicing my calligraphy

refreshing my French skills (oh boy, they’re rusty)

drawing so much more than last month

designing a website for the local flute ensemble

celebrating every sale in my new shop

watching the leaves turn slowly slowly golden (is it that time already?)

reading Clean Gut and Hexwood

eating nothing, trying to improve my health by fasting

drinking water, occasionally with a slice of lemon squeezed in

planning to commit to the exercise I currently can do, despite my dicky knee and limited finances

enjoying hot baths and showers

feeling loved

accepting a slower pace in life

looking forward to eating again


I’ve had a rough couple of days recently. Since July I’ve been suffering form a blocked nose, probably due to allergies, and it’s getting worse, to the point that it’s really getting detrimental to my happiness and crippling my efficiency for working. In a desperate attempt to sort this out I’ve started a water fast, which I’ll probaly try and stick out for 7 – 10 days, according to how I feel and how much weight I lose. (I’m skinny, and I hate seeing my weight drop so bizzarly low during fasting, even though it goes right back up directly after.)

The last three days have been difficult, I’ve been psychologically craving to eat, even though I’m not physically hungry, and the nausea and weakness that frequently accompany my fasts are no fun at all. Today so far has been a vast improvement, I feel reasonably normal, I haven’t felt sick or dizzy yet, and my brain seems to be working okay today :) My nose is reasonably clear without having to resort to nosespray and thoughts of food don’t bother me either.

Still, fasting is a pretty drastic deviation from the norm, and it comes with a lot of ups and downs (At least for me. I call bullshit on fasting euphoria.). I wrote this post to try and focus on all the goodies in my life right now, no matter how small, to cheer me up a bit and to look back on when it gets rough.

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