December Authentic Challenge // Wrap Up

January 6th, 2014

December Authentic Challenge // Creative, Authentic, Free

December was a pretty mad month, on top of it being Christmas and New Year and my birthday on the 2nd of January and everything. Things are starting to normalise again now, and I’m catching up and getting back into the swing of things. I’ve got a lot of business plans for the near future, so it may get kinda quiet around here for a bit, but I will certainly be back :)

Here’s a recap of the challenges I set myself for December and I’m happy to announce that despite the chaos I managed to follow through with ALL of them!

DECEMBER // Authentic // Business Alignment

December was pretty quiet around here, as I was scrabbling around trying to get all my Christmas presents in time and at the same trying to push my graphics and webdesign business forward with the “Uncage your Business” course by Becca from The Uncaged Life.

If you’re struggling in your small business I’d totally recommend you check it out, it might seem like quite a hefty stack of money to put down, but it’s totally worth it and a great investment. Becca is amazing, she helps you get really clear on all the fuzzy stuff in your business that’s holding you back, gives you clear next action steps and helps you bust through the bullshit you’re surrounding yourself with. The private Facebook group alone is worth the money, the support and feedback of the group is simply amazing and I’d join the course again anytime I’m feeling stuck.

I’ve gone from feeling down in the dumps and totally out of energy regarding my business, to being excited, inspired and full of ideas for the new year.

I’m working on creating a whole new website geared more towards the online market and am hoping to get that up by the end of this month, along with wrapping up some client projects to free myself up for a new direction.

DECEMBER // Creative // 30 Days of Lists

I’ve completed all the lists from this month’s challenge, but still need to add quite a few photos to complete the mini-book I made for this project. It’s pretty much in the same style as my  Gratitude Journal from November, which I find a very simple and stressless way of journaling, as it’s quite easy to prepare before hand and the journaling is simply writing down notes on strips of paper. It’s a bit of work choosing and adding in the photos at the end, but all in all I find it a fun and simple project that I’ll probably keep coming back to when there’s not so much time for more elaborate projects.

I’ll be sharing the finished mini-book here in the near future :)

DECEMBER // Free // Just for Fun

Read some pretty amazing books this December, including “Fire Bringer” by David Clement-Davies and “Choose Yourself” by James Altucher. Both are absolutely amazing reads.

I could hardly put Fire Bringer down. It’s a riveting story about red deer living in Scotland of the past, a tale of loyalty, belief, identity, courage, treachery, hatred and destiny. Lots of action, death and destruction, a very moving story about a herd of deer at war that is at times uncomfortably close to human history and behaviour.

“Choose Yourself” doesn’t reaaaaally fit my “Just for fun” policy, although it was definitely a fun read, but I feel it’s an amazing book that definitely deserves a mention here. In a time where job security is a thing of the past it’s time for us to start “choosing ourself” and creating our own path to happiness instead of relying on outside people and factors to do it for us. Lots of interesting and unconventional advice and inspiring case studies on how to live a better, more productive, more useful and more happy life while putting yourself out there and doing good in this world.

I also read “Promise of the Wolves” which was quite good, but I’m not sure if I found it gripping enough for me to consider getting the next part of the trilogy. It’s a tale of wolves from 14,000 years ago, their relationship with humans and the mythologies around their fate. Not bad – but not over the top awesome.

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