December Authentic Challenge

December 4th, 2013

December Authentic Challenge // Creative, Authentic, Free

Sitting home with a cold right now, feeling sorry for myself. So, plans for the current month.

DECEMBER // Authentic // Business Alignment

I’m currently in business coaching with Becca from The Uncaged Life. I’m not quite happy with where I am business-wise right now, something’s just not sitting right even though I have more work than ever, so this month I want to seriously work on revamping my business model.

DECEMBER // Creative // 30 Days of Lists

Life is busy busy busy at the moment, so as usual the creative stuff gets put on the backburner :(
However, I’m determined to go through my second round of 30 Days of Lists which is running again in December. I probably won’t be sharing the lists daily, but was thinking of a round-up every 5 or 6 days maybe if I can manage. Otherwise I’ll  just share my book at the end.

I’m making the lists in a mini-book similar to my Gratitude Journal from November, and will be trying to keep it super simple. My last 30 Days of Lists journal was a bit more elaborate, but I’m not going to manage that again this month.

DECEMBER // Free // Just for Fun

Bringing back my Just for Fun reading challenge because I’ll need it this month. 30 minutes of light reading a day. No business books. Just fun.

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  • http://6birds.net/ Liz

    Sometimes it takes rethinking business plans to recreate an organized structure we can work in more easily! I hope that it all goes well this month!

    Remember to take it easy, though; it’s the holidays! XP

    • http://mindflight.me/ Ffion

      Yeah, I’m definitely working on getting more organised, although I’ve already gotten a lot better than I was to start with :) My main issues are more with figuring out who I really want to be working for, what my dream work and clients are so that I can bring myself to the table 100% because I’m enthusiastic about what I do.

      I’ll probably be taking it pretty easy over Christmas, don’t worry, but I’m hoping for a fresh start in the new year so I want to get as much ready until then!

      Do you have any nice plans for the holidays? Christmas eve I’ll be celebrating with my boyfriend’s family, the 25th is Christmas at my family’s house :D So looking forward to it <3 I love Christmas. Still have a couple of presents I need to get too…