Stirring Self-Shot Film Makes You Feel the Love of Mountain Biking

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Louis Citadelle films himself alone in the Alps in his latest film; (photo/Louis Citadelle)

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Once a year, Louis Citadelle creates a silent, moody film about biking alone in the wilderness.

The filmmaker spends most of his time on the World Cup Circuit, documenting the world’s best racers in professional competitions. But for the last few years, he has developed a personal approach to storytelling, aiming for a more abstract and emotional way to communicate the love of nature — and bicycles.

In his latest, Canvas, Louis Citadelle explores the Alpean mountains surrounding Chamonix, Samoens, and his hometown of Morzine, France. His approach is unlike anything else, and the painstaking method of shooting a cycling film all alone is apparent in every methodical framing of his lonely bicycle amid alpine forests and coarse mountains.

“When not filming, Louis can usually be found hike-a-biking through the alpine and surfing through top-notch loam,” the vid description says. “But for the last few years, Louis has been combining his passions once a year to create something quite special.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Runtime: 4 minutes

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