Ice Climbing Is the Best Example of Accessible Outdoor Adventure — Here’s Why

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Mo the Gatherer sounds like a character name straight out of a Tolkien fantasy. It’s not. But the real “Mo” is just as coolMaureen “Mo” Beck is an adaptive climber with a lower limb difference, a sponsored Petzl and The North Face athlete, a fierce sport climbing competitor, and recently, one of the hosts of the new Outside Show.

At the end of the day, she’s also someone who’s changed the scene in terms of accessibility and representation in climbing.

“The limitations that we set for ourselves often fall short of our true potential. How do we transcend limitations? How do we take these perceived ‘weaknesses’ and use them to achieve things?”

Mo poses these questions in her latest contemplative short film, produced with Petzl, whose brand slogan happens to be the fitting “Access the inaccessible.”

This isn’t a film about one adaptive climber’s personal story; it’s about all of us. It’s about community and accessibility across disciplines — heck, across all sports. It’s about joining together.

Mo Beck: Ice Climbing Is Rad — And Accessible


Of all climbing disciplines, Mo fell in love with ice climbing because “…it’s adaptive for everybody.” Everyone needs special equipment, a helping hand or a belay, and various tools and gear. She leads adaptive ice climbing clinics, “teaching other folks to push past what they previously thought possible.”

“Mo the Gatherer” is a celebration of Mo’s desire that “in [the future] there will be no such thing as accessibility anymore because everyone is welcome in every space.”

That! Sounds epic, right? But is it achievable?

Mo: Thanks for being a hilarious and genuine person, a friendly face, a hero in the representation of adaptive climbing, and so much more.

For everyone or anyone out there who has a disability: know that ice climbing is absolutely for you. In her role as an athlete, leader, and teacher, Maureen “Mo” Beck is proving it.

And to the broader climbing and outdoor community, I offer this: Challenge yourself to help change what “accessibility” means in climbing, ice, and all else.

Runtime: 8 minutes

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After seeing fellow climber Tim Larsen climb some sweet ice routes in South Africa, Will Gadd decides to give it a try; (photo/screenshot)

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