Scam Alert: Pivot Cycles Warns Against Fake Vendors Offering High Discounts

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The Pivot Shuttle SL; (photo/Pivot Cycles)

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Looking at buying a bicycle from Pivot Cycles? First, make sure it’s a real vendor, the company said this week. 

Pivot Cycles has raised the alarm about fraudulent websites and social media accounts attempting to deceive potential buyers, usually with enticing discounts on their high-end bicycles. The company warned consumers, urging them to exercise caution and be vigilant against falling victim to these scams.

Pivot leaders clarified that they don’t do direct-to-consumer sales through their own websites. Any claims made by websites or social media accounts suggesting otherwise are false. To help protect customers against potential scams, Pivot Cycles offered valuable tips for online shoppers.

  • First, stick to certified Pivot dealers and official websites, all of which use the “” domain.
  • Avoid websites with domains ending in .net, .co, or .shop, as official Pivot websites only use the .com domain.
  • Exercise caution when encountering online advertisements offering extreme discounts on Pivot products.
  • Never share personal information such as email addresses, passwords, or home addresses with any retailer or website outside of the official Pivot website or trusted dealers.

If consumers suspect that they have placed an order with a fraudulent website, they should immediately contact their bank or financial institution to dispute any charges.

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(Photo/Seiji Ishii)

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