2-Up Electrified Off-Road Adventures Await: Segway Xyber E-Bike

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Segway Xyber

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Segway is launching a new two-up e-bike designed for long distances and rough terrain. The Segway Xyber has nearly half a foot of suspension travel, a seat designed for two, and a maximum range of nearly 100 miles.

2-Up, on Pavement or Dirt

Segway Xyber

The Xyber blurs the line between e-bike and e-motorcycle with its looks as well as its capability, putting it in a growing and popular category. Segway has models in this class of its own already, including the Dirt eBike that it launched in 2019. Like the rest of the segment, the frame looks much more like a motorcycle than it does a bicycle, and Segway calls this one “motorcycle class.”

Adding that big seat makes it even more like a motorcycle. How many bicycles, electric or otherwise, give you a seat that can handle two passengers? The answer is not many unless it’s a much bigger two-seat tandem bike.

Segway says that because the Xyber is designed for two-up riding, it’s more stable. The company claims “unwavering stability and reliability across even the most challenging and rugged landscapes,” and that the extra-large seat ensures that both occupants are comfortable even on long rides.

2 Packs, 95-Mile Range

Segway Xyber

Long rides are a definite possibility, too. The Xyber (pronounced “Cyber”) can hold two 1,440Wh batteries in that open frame. With two packs installed, the total range is up to 95 miles. That’s without pedaling, since this e-bike does let you move yourself.

And 120 mm (4.7 inches) of suspension travel front and rear should also help improve comfort on long rides, soaking up bumps and jumps. Ultra-wide tires customized for the e-bike add traction and deliver stability and comfort.

Segway’s rear hub motor delivers 129 pound-feet of torque. That’s enough to get it from 0 to 20 miles per hour in 2.5 seconds, though top speed will be limited.

The Segway Xyber gets loads of tech, too, starting with an all-in-one smart cockpit. The cockpit dash integrates smart applications and navigation on a color display. It will also let the rider control speakers and music playback, and it has sensor-operated headlights.

Active Scene Perception is Segway’s name for its rider assistance tech. The system monitors road conditions as well as the user. It can make actions like turning the headlights on and off, adjusting power output, and turning on or locking without rider input.

Locking the Xyber involves hidden rear wheel hub locks, automatic locking when you walk away, a mobile alarm, and GPS tracking. There are a lot of features to help make sure it stays where you parked it.

Segway Xyber Arrives Late 2024

Segway Xyber

The Segway Xyber will also integrate with your phone. This lets you track mileage and speed, as well as measure calories burned if you’re pedaling instead of relying on the electric power system, and it will work with other health apps.

Segway said that the Xyber will go on sale in the second half of 2024. Pricing wasn’t announced when the Xyber launched at CES, so expect that announcement around the same time that sales begin.

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