Train Like Alex Honnold for a Week: The Results

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Nate Mitka and Alex Honnold meme image

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(Photo/Nate Mitka)

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What happens when a “normal” aspiring rock jock adopts the training and lifestyle protocols of one of the most prolific and recognized rock climbers of all time? GearJunkie contributor and semi-serious rock climber Nate Mitka dedicated a week of his life to following the sometimes monk-like existence of Alex Honnold to find out.

Follow along in this video as Mitka lives like Honnold for a week. He climbs on a Moonboard and outdoors, strength trains, does cardio, and works on mobility. Mitka even samples Honnold’s vegetarian diet and engages in some free soloing.

Nate Mitka bouldering outdoors
Our fearless contributor, Nate Mitka, is training like Alex Honnold. The program calls for several outdoor climbing sessions per week; (photo/Nate Mitka)

So, what happens after a week of the grueling Alex Honnold protocol? You’ll have to watch the video to find out! Mitka retests himself on a few personal Moonboard test pieces, to admittedly surprising results considering it was only a week.

Runtime: 18 minutes

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