Bigger Than El Cap: Honnold, Findlay Climb Epic Wall in Nat Geo’s ‘Arctic Ascent’

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Alex Honnold joins Hazel Findlay in tackling a wall even bigger than El Capitan in ‘Arctic Ascent;’ (photo/National Geographic)

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When you’ve already managed the first ropeless ascent of the world’s most iconic mountain, what do you do next?

Alex Honnold, whose climb of El Capitan earned him an Oscar for “Free Solo,” discovers a simple answer to that question in a new documentary from National Geographic: Find a bigger mountain.

In “Arctic Ascent,” Honnold and British phenom Hazel Findlay attempt a first ascent of Ingmikortilaq, a 3,772-foot-tall monolith towering over Greenland’s arctic seas. At nearly a thousand feet taller than El Capitan, this unclimbed behemoth would be enough of a challenge.

But the series aims for more than high-altitude adventure. It’s also an exploration of climate change’s impact on the fast-melting Arctic, including interviews with scientific experts and visual evidence of our warming world.

The series airs on February 5 on Disney+ and Hulu. I know what I’ll be watching!

Trailer runtime: 2 minutes

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Nate Mitka and Alex Honnold meme image

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(Photo/Nate Mitka)

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