November Authentic Challenge // Wrap Up

December 1st, 2013

November Authentic Challenge

Wrapping up last month’s Authentic Challenge. Now I need to make my plans for December, I’m kind of behind on this… It’s been an amazing and exciting (though not exactly easy) month and I’m curious to see what will be going down in December, at the moment things don’t seem to be slowing down much.

NOVEMBER // Authentic // Do the exercise that’s available

This was probably the most successful one this month. I haven’t been able to jog due to a dicky knee, and haven’t yet found a new karate club that is really up to my standards AND close enough to get to, and also funds for courses and classes were scarce recently, so this month I tried to make do with the things I actually could do. I visited Judo classes with my boyfriend and went to Pilates courses with my parents (where we’re signed up as a family). Not the most intense workouts, but definitely miles better than doing nothing. I really enjoyed the classes, and I’m slooooowly starting to “get” Judo I think. Before I’d do something one week and forget it completely by the next. Now I’m starting to remember moves and might even remember to use one of the correct holds while fighting :) Now it’s starting to get really fun!

NOVEMBER // Creative // Sketchbook

Failed. Completely and utterly :) But that’s okay for now, this month was crazy, I’ve suddenly been swamped with work after struggling for some months with barely anything, now I’m inundated with it. I still completed some drawings from my “Draw a monster” and “Draw a Cartoon” Fiverr gigs, so I’m good. (The gigs are now on hold due to me having too much work to complete them in time, but I’d love to reopen them at a later time.)

NOVEMBER // Free // Self-Kindness

Could have been a bit better, I had some pretty dark moments recently, but overall I managed to give myself a break despite having loads of stuff to do and have once again accepted I can’t do everything all at once, and have to take my projects and my life one step at a time. That attitude actually makes me a hell of a lot more productive than trying to focus on the gigantic overwhelming whole and I’ve been punching my to-do list in the face this month – I’ve crossed off loads of project, even some just for fun stuff, such as design some free Christmas Cards. Things are working, and I’m getting stuff done, money is coming in and thought I still have quite a few pressing to-dos, the situation feels pretty much back under control. It’s times like this I realise that “being nice” to myself is really the best way to go, otherwise everything grinds to a standstill.

Two out of three were definitely a success, the Creative part not so much – but that’s how it is. Another time then!

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