November Authentic Challenge

November 1st, 2013

November Authentic Challenge

Coming up with this month’s challenge was a bit difficult this time, as a lot of stuff is happening right now, and I’m not sure what’s going to be happening over the course of this month. So these are kind of tentative goals that may be tipped in favor of other things, but for now, these are some personal goals for November.

NOVEMBER // Authentic // Do the exercise that’s available

This is one of the worst things for me at the moment. My knee is acting up, so I can’t jog. I’m short on cash, so sportsclubs and the train-tickets needed to get there are currently out of the question. And I’m suffering. I used to have intense karate training seven hours a week, and I thrived on it. Currently I’m barely doing any exercise, and it’s sending me up the walls with frustration. I need intense physical exercise. Without it, no matter how good life is, I don’t feel right. So this month I want to commit to doing the exercise I can do. I’m still signed up for Pilates classes via my family. I can train at my boyfriend’s Judo club. I have a karate club I can train at for free (which is quite a good bike-trip away though). Without exercise I don’t function fully. So this month I want to try and do what exercise I can.

NOVEMBER // Creative // Sketchbook

Last month, my “Draw you a monster” Fiverr gig got me drawing almost daily again, which was nice and a massive improvement over the usual, but none of that was technically personal work. I don’t know if I’ll be able to commit to drawing daily this month, so I’m just going to try and break out my sketchbook a few times and see if I can get a few personal sketches done. I also have an Aesop’s Fable I need to finish.

NOVEMBER // Free // Self-Kindness

I have reason to believe, that this month is going to be exciting, but also very stressful. So this is here as a reminder to me, to be nice to myself when things get difficult. To give myself a break. To take it easy now and then. To just read a good book or have a bath even though I don’t “have time”.

Apart from that I’d like to complete a few new themes for my Etsy shop, which had it’s best month since opening last month!

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  • http://www.kylaroma.com kylaroma

    Wow, I love this challenge idea Ffion, it’s so up my alley! I feel a little like you’re in my head in a fabulous way. Love the graphic too, your blog is an intentional, lovely space. Thanks for visiting so I could discover a new fave :)

    • http://mindflight.me/ Ffion

      Aw, thank you so much Kyla, that means a lot to me coming from you :)

      I haven’t commented much on your blog (sorry about that, I’m not a great commenter), but found it quite a long while back and could really identify with your story of being unable to find “your thing” before getting into design work and working at Freckled Nest Design (which I think is amazing by the way <3). (So I totally get the "in my head thing" <3)

      You were one of some amazing people I stalked online that inspired me to start my own freelance design business about a year back. It hasn't taken off yet, but is slowly growing and there's been a lot of developement recently, so I'm pretty hopeful right now!

      Thank you for your wonderful comment, for being an inspiration and an amazing person! I'm glad you like my space, it's changed a lot in the past year and I've been trying to take it more seriously, even though I don't consider myself much of a writer :)