October Authentic // Gratitude Book

November 22nd, 2013

Gratitude Book Cover

Part of my October Authentic Challenge was to keep a gratitude journal. I’d originally planned to keep it super simple and just keep a notebook, but I’d just come out of September’s 30 days of lists and was inspired to keep doing some small daily crafting. So I decided to make another mini-book to keep my gratitude lists in for October.

Gratitude Book Pages // Photo

I did stick with simple though. I cut some thick patterned paper in different shades of yello into 10 x 10 cm squares. I cut paper into strips of 1 cm thickness and used those snippets to write down the things I was grateful for. On the opposite blank page I stuck a photo and spiced it up a little with some gorgeous new washi tape I found recently.

Gratitude Book Pages // Photo

Gratitude Book Pages

Every 5th page was lined, so I used those pages to go into a little more detail. After finishing up all the pages, I punched holes in them and bound the whole thing with two book rings.

Gratitude Book Pages // Thank You

I have a lot to be grateful for, even though I don’t always see it. This little book was a fun little reminder to keep track of all the little things that make life worth living. And I love how the final result turned out!

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  • http://6birds.net/ Liz

    I like this! It’s a really cute way to even keep a journal – especially a photojournal – that’s fully customized.

    • http://mindflight.me/ Ffion

      Thank you! It’s definitely fun, and a reasonably simple way to do it if you don’t have loads of time :) I prepared the pages in advance and then each day was just a few minutes of adding in the lists and at the end I collected the desired photos, printed them up and added them in, then bound the whole thing. You could probably even pre-bind it if you wanted to.

      I’m thinking of creating a new one for December (with different patterns), for my next 30 Days of Lists project. :)