Q & A a Day September // Week 16 – 17

October 5th, 2013

Q & A // 5 Year Journal

Week 16

September 14th // Saturday // Who can help you?
People who’ve done it before. Dad (programming).

September 15th // Sunday // Who are the most important people in your life?
My boyfriend. My family. My friends.

September 16th // Monday // What would you want to study at school?

September 17th // Tuesday // What’s your favourite snack food?
Sultanas. Nuts.

September 18th // Wednesday // A decision you made today.
Not to go to a meetup I was planning on.

September 19th // Thursday// What’s a new place you’ve recently been to?

September 20th // Friday // What’s your favourite television show?
Modern family.

Week 17

September 21st // Saturday // Where do you think your road is going?
No bloody clue. If I did I’d be running full pelt along it right now. Hopefully somewhere with less allergies – and less rain.

September 22nd // Sunday // What shocking news have you recently learned?
Hm…. none really.

September 23rd // Monday // Write down a quote for today.
Rolling around in the muck is not a good way to get clean. ~Aldous Huxley

September 24th // Tuesday // When was the last time you went dancing?
Saturday the 21st <3 (Dance evening.) I really want to start classes again.

September 25th // Wednesday // Do you plan, or are you flying by the seat of your pants?
Depends. Often I overplan. Othertimes I fly.

September 26th // Thursday// Today was amusing because ____________.
Can’t really think of anything. My fast is going well though and I feel happy.

September 27th // Friday // Do you handle rejection well?
Depends. Usually reasonably I think.

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