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September 1st, 2013

September Authentic Challenge

The August Authentic Challenge I set myself last month worked out really well, so I’ve decided to go with it again this month. 3 tasks to complete within the month, that are in line with my current most important values.

Some of these will be small tasks, some will be bigger challenges. Some will be geared towards forming a positive habit in my life, others might be as simple as decluttering a compartment of my desk. I want to give myself smaller tasks to be able to feel some success, but also want to challenge myself with some serious lifestyle changes.

I’ll be trying to stick with my exercise habit of 1 hour daily from last month, as that was easier for me than expected and did me good :) I missed a few days, but overall exercised a lot more than I would have had I not challenged myself, and really that’s what it’s all about. If I was going somewhere and I had the option of going by train/bus or by bike/walking, I’d usually take the more exercise intense option as well :)

SEPTEMBER // Authentic // Just for fun

Recently I’ve been working pretty hard and most of what I read is business related or some other sort of non-fiction book. Don’t get me wrong, I love non-fiction, but recently I’ve rarely been taking out time to do something just for fun. Read a fantasy book. Play with my art-stuff. Doing something that is not meant to move me forward business-wise. The plan for September is to take out just 30 minutes a day to do something relaxing and just for pleasure. Have a bath. Read an old childhood favourite. Mess around with paint. Whatever. But it has to be just for fun. And it would be nice if it kept me away from the computer screen for a while.

SEPTEMBER // Creative // Draw every Day

I used to draw all the time. It’s a way of celebrating, understanding, story-telling, venting, and just having fun. It makes me happy. Drawing is a big part of who I am. And it’s been sorely neglected recently. Especially when I have client work, my personal creative work tends to take a back seat. This month my goal is to get back into the habit of working in my sketchbook again daily, and taking at least an hour a day to do so. My drawing isn’t going to take on a prominent role in my life unless I actively create the time for it. That is my big goal for this month.

I’ve also joined Jess Lively‘s Private Victory Group to make me accountable for this one… To show that I’m serious. I keep on falling off the bandwagon with my art, it’s a never ending story, but I’m determined to keep at it and bring it back into my life as often as I have to until it finally sticks.

SEPTEMBER // Free // Less E-Mail

I check my mail way too often. It’s part of my job, but I still find myself randomly and obsessively updating my inbox to see if there’s anything new there… even when I have way more important stuff to do. Especially when I have more important stuff to do… In September, I’d like to try and cut my mail-checking down to twice daily at specific times, unless I’m expecting something very urgent. I’m thinking of checking my mail at 12 o’ clock midday and at 4pm. I find that not much tends to happen before 12 I find, nor after 4pm. I’ll probably fail miserably on this one, but i really want to combat this habit as it leeches a lot of time and energy and is a perpetual source of distraction.

In other news, I’ve joined up for September’s round of 30 Days of Lists. Never done this before, but it seems like a fun challenge :) My mini-book for the challenge is all ready to go and I’m really looking forward to it! Click the banner below if you want to join the listing fun, there’ll also be an awesome Studio Calico giveaway when we reach 600 participants!


Whare your words for September? What dreams do you have that you could be moving forward on, even if it’s little by little? Are there any creative habits you’d like to cultivate for the coming month?

What is your September Authentic Challenge?

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  • http://lariatsandlavender.blogspot.com Angie

    Oooo, I love this post! I’m not sure what my September goals are quite yet. I’m slowly working on them, so I don’t create too many, and so I don’t forget anything. I know I want to, for sure, make my wife’s bday and our anniversary AMAZING and I also want to make sure that I don’t take on too much this month… I pretty much always do, making promises and overplanning and than I end up getting anxiety!

    I think fun, plan, and responsible are good words for September! Good luck with all of your goals! I am LOVING 30 Lists so far. :D

    • ffion

      Thank you Angie :) I’ve never been a big monthly goal-maker, but recently I’ve felt I’ve been getting off-tracked, so I’m now trying to set monthly challenges to bring me towards what I really want! I also find that too many goals usually paralyses me and so theses challenges are an attempt at tackling one big goal a month and a couple of small and easy ones, so I don’t get overwhelmed, but have something to focus on :)

      The birthday and anniversary plans sound great, I hope they go well :) How many years have you been together now?

      I like your words for September! They’re lovely :) I’ve just uploaded my first two lists for 30 Days of Lists and I love the challenge so far as well! (Going to check out yours now ;) )